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4 Ways Training Your Dog Boosts the Happy in Your Life

If you’re ready to boost the happy vibes in your life then training your dog is one sure way to make it happen! That may seem like a stretch, but these 4 solid ways that training helps add fun, reduce stress, grow love and increase health—for you, your family, and even for your furry friend—will certainly make you a believer.

Dogs are personality-packed companions. From those toothy doggie grins that make you smile at the end of a long day, to a sympathetic chin on your knee when they sense you’re feeling blue, dogs wear their hearts on their sleeve (so to speak) in ways that trigger our emotions.

Here’s how training your dog can supersize those positive emotions:

Training your dog nurtures the power of a pure-love bond

Consistent, caring training helps your dog respect and trust you—and you them. That deep mutual understanding and communication is more than just a nice to have; dogs are social animals, so they inherently want to know where they fit into your family’s social hierarchy.

Good training isn’t about bullying them into “following orders,” it’s a way to relax and guide them so they’re happy to work with you, not against you. And as you grow together through shared experiences you and your 4-legged family member will feel the warmth of a truly pure, untainted love.

Get the added fun (and confidence boost), of a friend by your side

A well-trained dog is just as comfortable during hikes and walks as at playgrounds and parks, at street cafes and farmer’s markets, or while joining you at the office. When your well-behaved dog can safely relax wherever you go, and walk without creating a scene, you’ll always have a sidekick—a companion that can help start conversations. Or give you a reason to wrap ‘em up when you’re ready to go. (Now that’s a friend!)

Even more, the underlying benefit to obedience and socialization training is that it ensures you have a loyal friend that knows how to be at ease by your side in any setting you choose.

Discover a new level of fun and service

For many breeds, training is a rewarding activity they’re eager for. The time close to you, the mental stimulation and physical activity, as well as the positive behavioral reinforcement, are the best hours of their days.

If seeing your dog thrive and grow into the best of their breed, or breed mix, makes you happy, you may want to amp up the fun for both of you—or the whole family—even more. Try a class that introduces you to one of the many dog sports including agility, scent work, tricks, flyball, or freestyle (the closest thing to dog dancing), to name a few.

Live healthier, for longer

All those factors that create a bond between you and your best pal also deepen an already long list of health benefits—for both of you. Research has found that dog owners are:

  • healthier, with lower blood pressure and healthier hearts,
  • experience less depression,
  • have less trouble with allergies for children raised in homes with dogs,
  • and enjoy an overall lower risk of illness.

Turns out that even the most introverted of us thrive on connection with another living creature.

And the health benefits extend to your well-trained dog, too: they’re less stressed, less likely to get into dangerous situations, and easier for your vet to work with—something that could save a host of troubles later on. Sadly, overly sensitive dogs who haven’t got used to being handled may resist nail clipping, dental exams and even wound care, often with unhappy results.

Training is the #1 way to create a strong, positive connection with your dog — and the #1 way to keep him, your family, home and neighbors safe. Plus, your heart will skip a beat when you see the joy on your dog’s face as you hand out that reward for a job well done!

So, gift yourself a source of near-limitless joy: call White Mountain College for Pets at 603-536-4219 to see how training your dog can boost the happy in your life!

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