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The 4H Dog Project – Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

Since the early 1900’s, children have been raising and training dogs a part of their local 4H programs.? The program focuses on the training dogs for competition but it also teaches kids confidence and leadership skills.

What Is 4H?

4?H programs are delivered by University Cooperative Extensions. The idea behind their programs is that kids learn by doing. Skills are taught in a club-like setting in areas such as health, science, and the arts.? Though facilitated by adults, 4H clubs are often run by the students themselves. Today, there are over 6 million kids involved in 4H programs across the United States.

The 4H Dog Training Project

Here at College for Pets, we wholeheartedly support 4H programs. We often guide young men and women as they work on their dog training project (and other animals, too) and we get great satisfaction in knowing that we are helping develop future leaders.

The Dog Training Project is for youth who are interested in learning about dogs, how to care for them, and how to train them to obey commands. Kids can train any breed of dog (pure or mixed) and can even participate in certain aspects of the project without actually owning a dog.

The Scope of the project is broken down into tasks depending on the child’s age.

Ages 7-9

  • Choosing the right dog
  • Understanding dog behavior and their body language
  • The basics of dog grooming
  • Basic obedience training

Ages 10-13

  • Nutrition for dogs
  • Identifying dog breeds
  • Showing a dog in showmanship

Ages 14 and Older

Typically, 4H participants compete at the local and State Fairs, showing off their animals and demonstrating their knowledge of dogs to a panel of judges. Prizes and scholarships are available to those who participate in 4H and many schools and employers support the program. This provides?internship and networking opportunities for students who would like careers working with animals.

Learn more about your local 4H program by contacting your County Extension Office.

?Training a dog is an enjoyable experience with College for Pets. We work closely with you from start to finish to make sure that you and your new partner kindle the best relationship possible.?



Since 1998, College for Pets has been helping owners train their dogs and other animals. They continue to be leading trainers of service dogs and therapy dogs in the states of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. If you would like more information on dog training classes,?contact College for Pets today.


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