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dog in costume

The 5 Best Dog Halloween Costumes



dog halloween costumes

#1 – The Lion Mane

This costume does double-duty. Not only will it fit any large dog, but it will also work on a human head. Turn your dog (or yourself) into the King of the Jungle. This particular version of the lion’s mane costume comes with an additional tailpiece. The tail section is tufted and resembles a lion’s tail.

Order a Lion’s Mane for your dog HERE.

dog Halloween costume

#2 – The Classic Wiener Costume

It’s hard to go wrong with this all-time classic dog Halloween costume. Your canine will be the hottest dog around if you dress him up in this Hot Diggity Dog Costume.

Get a hot dog costume HERE.

dog halloween costume

#3 – Top Dog

Regardless of your political affiliation, you can’t deny that Trump’s iconic haircut looks good on any dog. Perfect for short-haired breeds or those with bald spots.

Make your dog look GREAT by ordering this costume HERE.

dog halloween costume
Batman Pet Costume

#4 – Because He’s Bat Dog

Glamorous playboy by day, crime-fighting vigilante by night.

dog halloween costume
DC Comics Teen Titans Pet Costume, Small, Robin

Let your pup live out his superhero fantasies this Halloween and for those of you with multiple dogs, don’t forget Bat Dog’s sidekick.

dog halloween costume
Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume, X-Large

#5 – The Force is Strong With This One

Definitely the Wan for your dog!

Obi quiet and quite groaning. The pun wasn’t that bad.

Garb yourself as Leah or Darth Vader and grab little Obi. This year, Halloween is sure to be out of this world.

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