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Good reasons to get a puppy

5 Good Reasons to Get a Puppy (and 3 Poor Ones)

Those irresistible eyes, those cute paws… here are 5 good reasons to get a puppy – plus 3 that should give you cause for pause.

It’s true, most of us find puppies hard to resist. They’re so playful, curious and cuddly! And we’re actually hard-wired to feel all mushy inside when we encounter baby animals. (No joke – It stems from our innate desire to nurture the young, and yes, it crosses species).  

A puppy can indeed be a wonderful addition to your family. These loving babies grow up to be loving animals, and bring incredible joy to your life. 

If you’ve been thinking about an addition to your family, we’re enthusiastic supporters; go for it and get yourself a new best friend. Just be sure to do it for all the right reasons. Getting a young dog is, after all, a huge responsibility and requires significant time, money, and devotion – in many cases, more than 15 years.

To help you sort through whether now is the right time for you and your family, we’ve outlined five good reasons to get a puppy and three not-so-good ones.

5 Good Reasons to Get a Puppy

Discover a Great Companion for Everyday Activities

Want a companion to spend your days with? A pup could be a great choice. Not only are they loving and playful, but they are intensely loyal and will join you in just about any activity you include them in. As you train them to develop good manners, learn to live in your spaces, and know what’s needed of them, they can offer excellent companionship.

Loving and Being Loved by a Loyal Creature

Did you know that spending time with puppies and other pets increases the production of oxytocin and other happy chemicals in the brain? Whether you’re adding to an already-joyful family, or you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, all the affection and care you pour into your sweet and furry soul will come back exponentially.  In short, a young dog is one of your best bets if you want to love and be loved in return! 

Having Someone to Come Home To

Is it time to say goodbye to the same old routine or roaming around an empty house? While puppies are generally social creatures that shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time, it’s an amazing feeling to have tail-wagging excitement greet you at the door! Enjoy some fun and laughs playing together. Head outdoors for a nice walk, or spend a cozy evening cuddled up with your pup watching DogTV. We can’t think of a better situation to come home to. 

Added Security from Having a Pet 

While a young dog won’t be the best defense out there, it can definitely help alert you if people are nearby, which can give you some peace of mind. And as their bark gets bolder, so will their role as a deterrent. Bad guys typically don’t want to linger where there’s a dog making a racket. 

Getting a New Perspective On Quality of Life from Another Living Being

And finally, your four-pawed pal can give you some much-needed perspective on life. Caring for and looking after a pet can help you understand more about what is really needed for a happy and fulfilling life. Overall, people do often experience a happier outlook once a puppy joins the house. 

3 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog 

While there are loads of good reasons to get a puppy, some just don’t cut it. If yours are poorly thought-out, or you’re not in it for the long haul, you’re better off not taking on the responsibility. Here are 3 reasons that indicate having a pet isn’t the right choice for you: 

Kids Begging for a Playmate 

Just because your kids want a puppy doesn’t mean giving in to their begging is a good idea. Children often don’t realize what a big responsibility having a pet can be. Regular feeding, walking, exercise… medical check-ups… food… vaccinations. Ask yourself if you’re all ready to take on that lifelong responsibility. 

You’re Bored

If getting a furry friend is a passing fancy to alleviate your boredom; maybe you’d be better off trying a hobby or two first. Something that doesn’t involve a living creature. After all, you don’t want to get a puppy, only to discover you’re tired of it after a few months. Maybe painting or video games instead? 

To Keep People Away from your Yard 

Dogs are lifelong companions, not just guards to keep people away from your yard. Not to mention, it is also cruel to keep a pup alone outside. Puppies and dogs are social creatures. It’s very unhealthy for them to be left alone all the time – inside or outside the house.

Nurture a Lifelong Love with Puppy Training Classes 

If you do decide to get a puppy, help both of you have the best experience: train your furry friend (and you) to live together in harmony. If you’re in or near New Hampshire, consider the unique puppy training classes we offer at College for Pets. They’re designed to help you and your dog develop a stronger connection, and grow skills that actually help support the most fulfilling lifestyle and relationship possible.

And growing that type of joyful life is top of our list of very good reasons to get a puppy!


Photo: Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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