Class and Activity Schedule

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Group Classes
  • July 23 – Canine Fitness Basics: 5:30pm 5 wks
  • September 10 – Foundation Obedience: 5:30pm 8 wks
  • September 12 – Come When Called, Every Time: 9:00am 5wks
  • September 19 – Foundation Obedience: 10:30am 8 wks
  • October  9 – Foundation Obedience: 9:30am 8 wks
  • October  10 – Foundation Obedience: Noon 8 wks

8 Week Classes: $550

5 Week Classes: $350

Gold Collar VIP Club Membership: $2,200

The Right Start Puppy Program

This complete and essential program will guide your pup through our Puppy Preschool Curriculum, then graduate them into our Foundation Obedience Course.

Your puppy can begin Puppy Preschool any Sunday at 9:00am.  Register online or call us at 603-369-4PET

Read more about this incredible 14 week group training program here.

Puppies must be between 8 weeks – 12 weeks at the start of the FIRST Preschool session.

Group Activities
  • Saturday 9/12, 9:30am. Self-Guided** Mount Prospect, Holderness NH hike.

**No Charge for Self-Guided Group Hikes Unless Noted. A Map and Description Will be Provided.

What is…?

Slobber Shine: 30 minute, supervised group opportunity for the student to practice whatever skill they wish with their dog. No teaching takes place at Slobber Shine.

Game Time: A variety of games involving your dog as the main player. The week’s game choice will vary at random.

Grey Rocks Walk & Hebron Marsh: A group walk along the nature trails at Grey Rocks Natural Area or Hebron Marsh in Hebron NH.  Both are  is a flat, easy walks.

Self-Guided Mount Prospect Hike: A group hike along that ends in an impressive view of Squam Lake and mountains.  This is a moderately difficult hike with uneven footing. College for Pets provides a map and details for this hike, but it is a self guided.

Quincy Bog Walk: A group walk along the nature trail at Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney NH.  This trail has some inclines and rocky areas.

Old Hill Village Walk: A leisurely walk along the old Main Street of the former Hill, NH town location. Hill was moved when the Franklin Falls Dam was built.

Town Treasure Hunt: You and your dog follow riddles to find discs hidden around Plymouth. The person with the most discs at the end of the hunt wins a prize.

Snouting: An exercise for your dog’s nose. Read more about Snouting here.

Enrichment Item Build: A hands on workshop where you will build an enrichment toy for your dog. Tools and supplies are provided. There is an additional $10 charge for this event.

Obstacle Course: A challenging, fun workout out for your dog over differing obstacles that test thinking and physical prowess.

Hide and Seek: An exercise for your dog’s nose. They may need to find you. Or treats. Or Toys. Or who knows what else…

Access ALL our group classes and group activities with a Gold Collar VIP Club Membership: $2,200 annually.  Payment plan is available.

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