Dog Enrichment Camp in NH


Dogs need enrichment and activity to stay physically and emotionally healthy.  Fido can’t do crosswords puzzles if he is bored, but he can (and will) chew your shoes, get in the trash, steal food and a hundred other annoying things. You may be forced to stay home, work long hours and/or avoid contact with humans, but your dog doesn’t have to suffer social isolation too.

Give your faithful friend the gift of Enrichment Camp and you’ll be helping him or her:

  • Boost fitness and mental sharpness
  • Replace lethargy and depression with joyful engagement
  • Reduce any frustration and related aggression
  • Re-learn how to interact with other animals and people
  • Re-acclimate to a lodging environment
  • and even learn a few new skills!

Remember Summer camp you attended as a child? Our goal is to recreate that fun, play and adventure for your dog, anytime of the year. Your best friend will relax in a comfort-controlled, private studio and lounge on a supportive, elevated Kuranda bed during nights and naps.

During each action-packed day there’ll be plenty of interaction time with humans and other dogs as he or she enjoys a wide-ranging list of activities, including many that are breed specific.

  • Hikes
  • Snouting
  • Storytime
  • Day School
  • Nature Walks
  • Feeding Puzzles
  • Obstacle Course
  • Scent Exploration
  • Group Friend Play
  • Enrichment Games
  • Music Appreciation
  • Fresh Fruit with Dinner
  • Farm Fresh Egg with Breakfast
  • And on and on and on…

Plus, your faithful friend will enjoy some highlight events including:

  • Spa Day
  • Photo Shoot
  • Bonfire with Hot Dogs
  • and Pawcasso — a painting day!

Enrichment Camp take place on White Mountain College for Pets’ 15 acre wooded campus located in Holderness, NH. We are mere minutes from I-93 and Squam Lake and the abundant natural wonders that surround it.


Now! Our 14-day Enrichment Camp Vacations begin any Monday. Drop off is during the morning on day one and pickup is during the evening of day fourteen.

If you already have an online account with us,  just TAP HERE to register for camp, today. Otherwise, please call us at 603.536.4219 or use the contact form above. We’ll answer any questions and schedule your dog’s Enrichment Camp vacation!