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Get More From Pet Life, From Basic Commands to Fun Tricks

While most people think of training dogs, most don’t realize that cats, along with a whole host of other animals, can benefit from training, too.

The truth is that most animals respond to basic instruction and can learn tricks and commands — It just takes the right technique and the proper incentive! College for Pets has customized programs to help you with training for cats, rats, fish and farm animals.

Cat Training

The desire for cat training typically falls into one of two categories, behavior concerns and useful lifestyle skills. College for Pets offers training for both needs — and it’s available via live remote training.

Behavior Concerns

From simple annoyances to complex behavior problems, cat training works.
Avoid these common problems:

  • Furniture Scratching
  • Litter Box Usage
  • Urine Marking
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Phobias

Useful Skills

With a bit of patience, cat training can be easy. In just a few days you can teach them to:

  • Use the toilet – Get rid of the litter box!
  • Walk on a harness, giving them safe access to the outdoors
  • Crating for vet visits no longer a struggle

Remote Cat Training

  • Two distance training sessions via Zoom (or email if preferred)
  • Reviewing of photo or video submissions
  • Custom, printable, modification plan

Tuition: $400

To get started, help us understand the issues you’re having; complete this form and we will contact you to schedule a consultation:

All Creatures Great and Small

While most people think of training dogs and maybe cats, most don’t realize that a whole host of other animals benefit from training. The truth is that most animals respond to basic instruction and learn tricks and commands. It just takes the right technique and the proper incentive.

Rat Training

Pet rats show a great deal of intelligence. With a little bit of training they perform tricks and obey basic commands. We estimate that a rat possesses the same capability to learn as a six month old puppy. Given the right incentives, rats respond very well to training. As a matter of fact, people use rats to detect land mines in Africa.

Training rats to do tricks and come when called by name is pretty easy. If you’ve never worked with a rat before, their affection and intelligence might surprise you. We show you the best way to train your pet rat.

Begin training your own rat, or work with one of ours at the training center.

  • Teach your rat all sorts of tricks.
  • Your rat can learn to come when called by name.
  • Train them to obey basic commands.
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Fish Training

Yes, you can train a fish. They just need a bit of schooling (groan). Everyone knows that aquarium fish are relaxing to watch, but few realize you can train those same fish to do some pretty neat tricks.

Utilizing food rewards delivered via a submersible target stick, your fish learn to swim through hoops, do flips, navigate weave poles and push a soccer ball into a net.

With a few simple props and an hour of instruction, you will be well on your way to owning your own circus of fish.

  • Train your fish to do all sorts of tricks.
  • Amaze your friends with what they can do.
  • It only takes an hour of instruction.
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Goats, Chickens, & Other Animals Training

They provide us with eggs, fiber, meat and milk so, why not reward them with a bit of mental enrichment.

We find that farm animals are quite intelligent and capable of learning useful tasks as well as fun tricks. Yes, chickens respond to training. So do goats and all sorts of other farm animals.

It doesn’t matter wether (pun intended) you need to train an animal for your 4-H project or work around the farm, we can show you how.

  • Perfect for 4H Projects.
  • Teach your farm animals basic commands.
  • Train them to do tricks.
  • We offer over 70 years combined experience training animals.
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