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Why is my dog coughing

Why is my dog coughing so much?

Wondering “why is my dog coughing so much?” Well, just like humans, dogs get respiratory infections that make them feel the urge to clear their throats. Here’s what you need to know. Coughing is natural—for us, and for our dogs.…

games to play with your dog

5 Backyard Games to Play with Your Dog

Rev up your outdoor fun with these 5 backyard games to play with your dog. Bonus: they double as training practice for helpful skills! If life has a way of keeping you far from the joys of good, old-fashioned fun,…

Should dogs walk on two legs

Should Dogs Walk On Two Legs?

We see dancing dogs all over but, looking at their bodies, we have to wonder should dogs walk on two legs? Is it a good idea to encourage it? Let’s look below the skin. Pugs do it, mastiffs do it,…

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