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Why is my dog coughing

Why is my dog coughing so much?

Wondering “why is my dog coughing so much?” Or concerned about that new respiratory illness in dogs? Well, dogs do get respiratory infections. Here’s what you need to know. Coughing is natural—for us, and for our dogs. But lots of…

Choose dog treats for your pet

Trick or Treat? How to Choose Dog Treats

Here’s the scoop on how to choose dog treats your pal will adore, including a make-at-home recipe, from College for Pets, NH. Most of us enjoy treats — and our dogs are no different!  But the options and ingredients found…

Care for dogs hair

Spring Care for Dogs’ Hair (and Fur!)

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Spring care for dogs’ hair and fur (and yes, there’s a difference!). As the weather warms up, you’re probably going to start seeing more, and denser, “puppy tumbleweeds.” You know, those balls of…

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