Pet & Dog Boarding at Ebony Kennel

Please contact Ebony Kennel at 603-536-4219 for boarding needs, not College for Pets.

Pet Boarding
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fish
  • Rats
  • Other Small Animals

Ph ? 603.536.4219
Fax ? 603.536.4219

661 Mayhew Turnpike
Plymouth, NH 03264
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Indoor Dog Accommodations

Our indoor housing is perfect for boarding your small, nervous, or elderly dog. We heat the indoor rooms in the winter and?air condition?them in the summer. We also provide toys and bedding,?or you may bring your own.

Outdoor Dog Accommodations

For larger dogs that need boarding, our outdoor kennels provide a private 4?x12? fenced exercise area with a free access clear Lexan ?doggie door”. This allows your pet entrance when they choose their own private indoor area. Heat and air conditioning is provided.

Cat Boarding and Small Animal Boarding

We house each cat?in their own private, warm, multi-level apartment. Litter pan, bedding and toys are provided.?Individual attention is given to each cat a number of times throughout the day as well as group playtime depending on temperament.

We welcome small pets that need?boarding. We heat our small animal room in the winter and?air condition it in the summer.?Individual attention is given to each pet a number of times throughout the day.?Rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy outside grass?frolic?time during the warmer months.