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Teach Your Dog How to Greet Visitors

When dogs greet and interact with one another it?s typically a rambunctious affair. They jump, climb, sniff and circle. ?Unfortunately, these behaviors are not considered acceptable by humans (especially that sniffing part). The following steps will guide you in transitioning your dog to a more ?acceptable? means of greeting your human friends.

Teach Your Dog How to Greet Visitors at the Door


The dog runs to the door and jumps on the guests.


  • With your dog on a?lead, ask him to Sit by your side.
  • Standing 10 feet or more away from the door, cue your friend to open the door and slowly enter the room.
  • Instruct your friend to stop moving and take two steps back if the dog breaks his Sit. The friend should remain standing still until your?dog is once again calm and in a Sit. You may request a Sit from your dog once, but then not again.

These steps might remind you of the ?Red Light/Green Light? game many of us played as children: when the dog is sitting the light is ?green? and the approach may begin. When the dog breaks the Sit, the light turns ?red? and the approach stops.

  • Your friend will continue to approach as long as the dog is remaining in
    his Sit position.
  • Once able to be in front of the dog, the friend may reach down and gently
    greet or pat the dog. If the dog breaks from the Sit, the friend is to stop the
    attention instantly and step back two steps and wait, as was practiced above.
  • Once able to pet and greet the dog with calm results, the friend will then turn and walk away slowly.
  • Release the dog and praise at the completion of the exercise.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best results come by practicing with many different people and in several different areas.

When you teach your dog how to greet visitors in the proper manner, you empower them. Most dogs have no idea that their behavior is unacceptable to humans. Most animals want nothing more than to please their owners and be a part of the family. You are doing both your dog and your friends a huge favor when you train your dog to greet visitors in the proper manner.

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