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More dog-life joy for you.  More tail-wagging sleepaway camp fun for your dog!

Imagine life with a well-mannered, well-trained dog by your side — without the hassle of months of lessons…

That’s Lodge & Train, our unique solution to NH dog board and train needs. 

Dogs love to learn and be active, and our unique camp is expertly designed to deliver maximum woof-worthy fun, while transforming them into your most well-mannered canine companion In just a few short weeks!

There’s no faster, more convenient way to help your furry friend build the skills and habits to become your family’s best pal.  Get started today!

What is a Lodge and Train Experience Like?

Maximum love for your dog

At College for Pets, we’re experts in dogs and what makes them thrive, and every aspect of their NH board and training experience is designed to support their success.

Your friend’s training journey starts with an enrichment-filled stay at our luxury pet training lodge. After their daily nourishing breakfast, we’ll help your playful pal gain new skills in listening and responding to instruction through a range of customized activities that your dog will actually LOVE to do!

And since it’s camp, naturally they’ll enjoy lots of rest breaks, playtime with people and other dogs, and healthy, tasty meals too.

Goal-focused learning

Active brains are essential for success in learning! We keep things interesting for your pup, increasing challenges as they learn and gain confidence, through a mix of activities:

  • one-on-one in the classroom,
  • trail exercises outdoors on our 15-acre campus,
  • supervised interactions with other dogs,
  • outings around town to further develop their social skills.

A big advantage of the Lodge & Train experience is our ability to offer distractions and scenarios that you can’t. This variety, and consistency, helps to nurture their attentiveness, patience, confidence, resilience, and responsiveness.

And to deliver these results more effectively, in a short period of time — all while your furry friend thinks he or she is just getting to play!

Post-graduation support

When your furry friend returns home, you’ll be amazed at the difference — and the increased ease in being together will make you eager to DO more together!

Once their stay at our luxury dog camp lodge is finished, we help ensure you get the most from your NH board and train investment by providing added bonuses and coaching for an additional five months.

Through both individual and online lessons, we’ll help you continue your dog’s development, and create more opportunities for you to have fun together.

Masters Dogree Program

For the most comprehensive Lodge & Train option available, or for dogs with aggression/anxiety problems.

  • Program support benefits for one year!
  • Your pet enjoys 5 weeks at our dog board and train luxury lodge
  • 5 months individually curated opportunities after the 5 week stay
  • Live weekly Zoom meetings during the stay
  • Private review lessons
  • Group training classes
  • Access to our group VIP activities and games
  • Continued opportunities for social learning
  • Daily training at our 20,000 sq. ft training lodge and 15 acre wooded campus
  • Training customized to your specific lifestyle needs and future goals
  • 12 Months access to our 24/7 video training library

Tuition $6,500+

Financing is Available

Get Started

Our Lodge & Train Guarantee

We provide focused, daily training to deliver the well-behaved companion you have always wanted. With over 60 years combined behavior experience, and over 20 of those, offering NH dog Board and Train programs, we speak dog… and commit to being here for YOU long after the program ends.

– Mike Robertson, Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog need additional training after the Lodge & Train program stay?

While our guest, your dog will learn basic obedience and good manners, but it’s important that you reinforce these lessons at home. The NH board and train stay is just one part of a multi-part program in which all the elements work together. Skip one element and the puzzle won’t be complete.

Where will my dog stay when he is not in a board-and-train session?

Our NH dog board and train setting is a lush campus on 15 acres of forested land. While our guest, your dog will lodge in comfortable heated and air-conditioned accommodations. Our HVAC system is state of the art with UV light filtration.

Your pup will hydrate the way nature intended, with deep well spring water, be nourished with premium Fromm food, and cradled in their own Kuranda dog bed. And at College for Pets, training never stops! Even while at rest, your pup will still be learning and processing, growing into your well-behaved pal.

What behaviors or skills will my dog learn?

Using the information you provide in our Behavior History form, during our Discovery Call we’ll discuss your goals and your dog’s starting point. In general, dogs learn:

  • Basic manners (sit, stay, come, down, heel, no more begging, jumping, pulling you around)
  • Maintaining composure around people, dogs, and distractions; walking on the lead — and waiting at doors.
  • Coping skills in the presence of issues like anxiety or aggression.
  • Program content is customized based on your lifestyle and specific needs.

Will this training help my dog with separation anxiety?

Typically, yes. Our initial assessment of your dog will help set realistic expectations, identify root causes, and develop a tailored plan. The combination of gradual desensitization, counterconditioning, socialization and increased confidence your dog will gain all work to reduce stress for your furry friend. Our follow up support will help you continue to grow their success.

Will my dog listen to me after training, or only the trainer?

Your furry friend will absolutely listen to you, yes. Your dog will be more relaxed, understand their role, and enjoy using their new skills. As you incorporate the commands and rewards, the natural bond they have with you and that desire to please, will only grow.

The core component of our program is personal support and lessons after your pup’s residential stay.

Can you accommodate special dietary or medical needs?

For dietary needs or medicines, yes. For other medical needs, almost always. Gathering this information is part of what we’ll do ahead of your dog’s arrival. In very rare exceptions a dog’s medical condition may make us unable to serve them, but that is highly unusual.

Can I come visit during the training camp?

Because of the immersive nature of our program, visits can be detrimental to progress. Understanding separation anxiety in the owner, we include weekly live video chats, weekly update videos and other interactions to allow you to see your pup without disrupting their experience.

What happens if my dog gets sick during camp?

We will call you right away, and consult with you regarding their condition and your directions regarding veterinary care. In the highly unlikely event that emergency care is required, we will alert you and seek emergency care at the same time, so there’s no delay. 


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