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Reduces boredom. Provides mental stimulation. Positive Play Rewarder. Surefire interactive fun!

One of the most durable and entertaining toys out there, this time-tested classic is good for all breeds, indoors and out, for together play or solo.

  • Different sizes and densities designed to satisfy just about every chewing type. The only exception is if your dog is all about stuffed animals or has sore teeth/gums; for them you might reserve the Kong for fetch games.
  • Large rippled surface helps it bound all over, providing excellent mental and physical exercise.
  • Open center is stuffable: fill with soft treats like peanut butter or Kong’s own “easy treat” lickable treat, or a mix of kibble and soft treats. If your dog needs a challenge or longer-lasting treat, freeze the filled Kong and it’ll last your furry friend for 4-6 hours.
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