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Our Puppy Training Promise
Puppy training is an enjoyable experience with College for Pets. We work closely with you from start to finish to make sure that you and your new partner kindle the best relationship possible. MIKE ROBERTSON, OWNER
Reward Your Puppy With Skills for Life!
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The Right Start Puppy Training Program

Between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age is the most critical developmental time in a puppy’s life.
During this time puppies are hard-wired to absorb and evaluate the world and all the experiences it offers.

Our Comprehensive 14-Week Group Puppy Training Program:

  • Module 1, 6 weeks – Exposure and development
  • Module 2, 8 weeks- Lifestyle skills, manners and self control exercises
  • Module 3, Social skills and communication development
  • Bonus – Tools to help with chewing and teething.

The Right Start Program is the best choice for a well-rounded education for your puppy.

Puppies must be between 8 weeks – 12 weeks at the start of the FIRST Module 1 session.

Tuition: $950

Payment Plan is Available

Our Amazing Puppy Program, Explained
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Exposure and development is the first module of the Right Start Puppy Training Program.
The focus of this 6-week module is to provide safe and supervised opportunities for your new puppy to experience a multitude of sights, sounds, sensations, smells and other sensory items. Activities will be taught which encourage problem solving and neural connections. Module 1 is setting the foundation for your puppy’s ability to interact and navigate their future experiences.

Lifestyle skills, manners and self control is the focus for module two of the Right Start Puppy Training Program.
During this 8-week module, you will be presented with the techniques needed to train your young dog foundation obedience skills. These real-life, practical skills will give your dog a mental library of skills from which to chose in various scenarios.

As your friend moves from puppy to young adult, bringing with them the urge to make choices and become their own self, the importance of teaching self control and manners becomes very important. Module two prepares you for this potentially trying period in your dog’s life.

Social skills and communication development sessions are a weekly piece of your Right Start Puppy Training Program.
By this point in the program, you have nourished your dog’s mental, emotional and physical needs. Your well adjustment friend is almost ready to tackle the world!  But first, we make sure they are polished on their dog communication skills. We welcome your pal into four sessions of our Daycamp PLUS program! Under the close supervision of a highly trained pupfessor, your dog will engage in healthy play.  This invaluable time is not only fun for your dog, but also provides wonderful skills that will serve them for life.

Module 1 has rolling enrollment, which means you can join the class and begin your 6-week series of classes at any Sunday at 9:00am.

Your puppy must have received their -FIRST- round of vaccinations, including Canine Cough, to attend class.

Puppies must be between 8 weeks – 12 weeks at the start of the FIRST Module 1 session.

Foundation for Service Dog Support Dog Training Badge
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Puppy Training Questions and Answers
How early should I start my puppy's training?

Just like with a child, training your puppy to behave from the very beginning is easier than correcting bad behavior later in life. The best time to start training a puppy is between 8 and 10 weeks of age. This is a critical development period in their life when they are hardwired to absorb the things around them.

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