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Our Service Dog Training Promise

Our promise is to provide personal support and encouragement through the entire process of training your own service dog. We only accept clients 100% committed to the process of training their dog to improve their life. If this describes you, we would love to welcome you to the College for Pets family.

– Mike Robertson, Founder

3 Service Dog Training Programs To Help You

Premier Owner Trained Service Dog Program

Do you want most complete, supportive and low-stress training available?

Training your own service dog doesn’t have to be a stressful and confusing experience.

Our Premier Owner Trained Service Dog Program has given people just like you, the freedom to live safer and happier than they ever dreamed possible.

  • Skills Training Specific to Your Needs
  • Puppy Preschool (if applicable)
  • 4-5 Week Lodge and Train Jumpstart
  • All the Elements of our Owner Trained Service Dog Adult Program

Tuition: $8,500

Payment Plan Available

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Owner Trained Service Dog Puppy Program

The ideal service dog scenario is to raise your puppy from 8 weeks through adulthood. Our Owner Trained Service Dog Puppy Program is a completeprogram that will assure your puppy is well socialized, well adjusted and eager to learn.

We will be your coach during the entire process of puppy development through working service dog.

The elements that seamlessly work together in providing this outcome include:

  • Group Puppy Preschool Class
  • Group Basic Obedience & C.G.C. Class
  • Focused, private training lessons
  • Video lessons to support the private training
  • Public Access Training
  • Exposure to real-world training scenarios
  • Age appropriate learning toys
  • Registration, vest, harness and badge
  • Private online support area

The ideal service dog scenario is to raise your puppy from 8 weeks through adulthood. This option is a complete program that will assure your puppy is well socialized, well adjusted and eager to learn.

We combine early group socialization in Puppy Preschool, foundation learning skills in Group Basic Obedience/CGC and round out your program with with service skills focused private training lessons.

Age appropriate interactive toys are included as a way to hone your puppies problem solving abilities. A vest, harness, leash and badge are included.

With our Owner Trained Service Dog Puppy Program, we are your coach through the entire process of puppy development to working service dog.

Tuition: $5,500

Payment Plan Available

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Owner Trained Adult Service Dog Program

For the dog you own, that is over 5 months old, and has some basic obedience training.

Getting started with training your own service dog can be a confusing and frustrating experience. We strive to be your coach through the entire processof determining the skills most helpful for your needs to building a strong training foundation and in the end, being rewarded with a well-trained service dog.

The elements that seamlessly work together in providing this outcome include:

  • Focused, private training lessons
  • Exposure to real-world training scenarios
  • Video lessons to support the private lessons
  • Personal support for life
  • Public Access Training
  • Registration, vest, harness and badge
  • Private online group support area

Training an adult dog for service dog work is not only possible, but in some ways easier than training a puppy. An adult dog has already had months or years of experience with learning how to learn.

We designed our Owner Trained Adult Service Dog Program for dogs over 5 months old that have had some basic obedience training. Private lessons allow for laser focused training on the specific assistance skills you need.

Your service dog must be reliable and focused in public, therefore Public Access Skills training is much of this program. Registration, lifetime support, a vest, harness, and badge are included.

With our Owner Trained Adult Service Dog Program, we are your coach through the entire process of building a foundation to being rewarded with a working service dog.

Tuition: $4,500

Payment Plan Available

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We Are Your Partner in the Training of Your Service Dog


What Our Clients Have To Say

“I absolutely loved the service dog training that Hank and I completed with Mike. Mike is very knowledgeable and you can tell he knows how to train animals. Sometimes one way of teaching Hank a task did not work and Mike could give an alternative method that worked. He also made sure that I understood what Hank, and I needed to work on, which helped us to be successful.”

-Jen Laudenbach and Hank Military Veteran Service Dog

“Every step I was included in and informed and any questions or concerns I had through out the whole process he answered and helped with. But training not done when you go home. He would give me worksheets explaining what we did that day and give me some homework to do with my dog at home till next training session. In-between training sessions he would check in and see how things are going. Sometimes he asks for you to video training at home and may give suggestions on what might help. To me that just goes to show that he does everything he can to help and genuinely cares and wants to help. He helps, makes it fun, and easy to get along with which for me made it better and felt like could trust him with helping me with my dog.”

-Alyssa & Kato

“Mike is great! He is very flexible about schedules, when need be. He is patience with both the pet and the pet parent. His gentle way of training is far more effective than the yelling and popping on the nose that I learned growing up with dogs. Piper and I learned a ton from Mike, and the play groups were important for Piper to feel comfortable with dogs outside of her own “pack”.”

-Ivy Page and Piper the Service Dog

Service Dog Training Questions & Answers

Working service dogs need to possess these five characteristics:

  • Zero aggression towards people or animals.
  • Zero fear or anxiety in new situations and around new people or animals
  • A high tolerance for noise and commotion.
  • A motivation to learn and serve.
  • Be the appropriate size for the tasks. This is critical for mobility work.

Remember, even if the dog doesn’t possess all five characteristics, they still may provide assistance. If the disqualifying factors cannot be changed with training, the dog will not be suitable for public access, but may be able to learn home assistance skills.

There are literally hundreds of jobs that you can train a dog to perform. Here are the most common tasks that we include in our training.

  • Pick up a specific object and bring it to the handler
  • Remind the handler to take pills
  • Lay on the handler to provide touch comfort
  • Help with balance and stability
  • Recognize anxiety and distract the handler
  • Alert the handler to alarms, doorbell, knocking, sirens, etc
  • Turn the lights on and off

We Provide Training for the Following Conditions

  • Mobility Support
  • P.T.S.D.
  • Psychiatric Support
  • Seizure Response
  • Reading Assistance
  • Diabetic Alerting
  • Hearing Disability
  • Stress & Anxiety Conditions

We Do Not Currently Train For

  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Seizure Alerting
  • Childhood Autism
  • Allergen Alerting
  • Epilepsy Alerting

The time needed to complete your training varies widely based on the skills you need, the current skill level of your dog and your availability to train. Plan on 18-24 months of training for your dog to be proficient in most skills needed, followed by a year or more of working those skills during your daily life.

We accept financing through PayPal Credit. Many customers are approved for the full cost of training with the benefit of No Interest if paid in full in 6 months.

You can apply for pre-approval here.

We also offer an in-house payment plan. Apply in person or contact us.

Other options for raising the money needed for training are fundraising, crowdsourcing (GoFundMe, etc) or applying for grants. We also accept all major credit cards.

We require full payment before training begins.

Congratulations on making the first move in your journey to increased freedom! The next step is to answer a few short questions that will help us prepare the best program outline for you.

Once you have submitted the answers, and we have reviewed it, we will get in touch to schedule a time to meet you and your dog.


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    May 2, 2021
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