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Suzanne teaches puppy preschool at White Mountain College for Pets. She left the stressful occupation as a cross-country truck driver to begin her dog career in 2002 caring for pets at Ebony Kennel. After taking a few years off to give birth and raise daughter Sierra, she returned in 2014 to teach at the newly opened White Mountain College for Pets training center.

When not at her “Zen job,” Suzanne is the Warren Town Clerk, where she and husband Bryan own and operate Moose Scoops Ice Cream. Suzanne and her daughter participate in the NH Fish and Game Reptile and Amphibian Research Program (RAARP). They also volunteer their time gathering amphibian data from high elevation ponds in the White Mountains. Both are accomplished hikers and have completed several year-round hiking lists in New England. One or both of their Chinook dogs, Penigewasset and Echo, accompany them and when snow permits are learning to pull a sled.

“I need to stay in motion and I have found hiking and trying to outsmart puppies does just that,” says Flagg. “Even at the end of a day of total naughtiness, when a pup snuggles beside me and their halo begins to glow again, I reflect on what I didn’t do to keep them from disappointing me. Each day I try to learn from my dogs, work hard, play hard, be able to go to bed and forget the day’s woes, sleep and dream, and awake each morning wagging, stretching, and smiling.”

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