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Love pets? Find out how to join our team!

Extracurricular fun for you AND your four-legged pal

Just like any good learning institution, White Mountain College for Pets believes in nurturing a well-rounded education… which means extracurricular activities are valuable too! Add to your dog’s life, and your own, by creating time for the two of you to enjoy life together.

Staffing, COVID and weather permitting, we also offer dog sports-specific and trick training. Refer to our Class & Activity Calendar for specific dates and times for Outing Club, Paw Posse and sporting activities.

Introducing Outing Club

For Intrepid Dogs and Their Human Pals

Outing Club is our newest program for active pup-loving families. Dogs (and human companions) of all ages and interests will make new friends and make irreplaceable memories, while strengthening bodies, minds and hearts!

As part of Outing Club, you’ll have unlimited access to our two group events:

  • Sunday morning outings on the trails of our 15-acre campus and other off-campus excursions;
  • Tuesday evening engaging, themed solo activities;
  • Quarterly, outdoor, themed workshops

along with membership in our active online community, AND tips and random surprises!

You and your dog will grow closer, communicate better, and discover more joy in living the dog lovers’ life. It’s an unmatched value at just $45/month, or $500 for an annual payment.

Outing Club Activities

A variety of games involving your dog as the main player. The week’s game choice will vary at random.

A group walk along the nature trails at Grey Rocks Natural Area or Hebron Marsh in Hebron NH. Both are flat, easy walks.

A group hike along that ends in an impressive view of Squam Lake and mountains. This is a moderately difficult hike with uneven footing. College for Pets provides a map and details for this hike, but it is a self guided.

A group walk along the nature trail at Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney NH. This trail has some inclines and rocky areas.

A leisurely walk along the old Main Street of the former Hill, NH town location. Hill was moved when the Franklin Falls Dam was built.

You and your dog follow riddles to find discs hidden around Plymouth or our campus. The person with the most discs at the end of the hunt wins a prize.

An exercise for your dog’s nose. Read more about Snouting here.

A hands on workshop where you will build an enrichment toy for your dog. Tools and supplies are provided. There is an additional $10 charge for this event.

A challenging, fun workout out for your dog over differing obstacles that test thinking and physical prowess.

An exercise for your dog’s nose. They may need to find you. Or treats. Or Toys. Or who knows what else…

NEW! Paw Posse VIP Club

(formerly Gold Collar Club)

Our NEWLY expanded Paw Posse VIP club is designed to provide maximum fun and value to our most dedicated dog families.

If you and your dog enjoy group training classes, advancing your paw pal’s skills and abilities, and also love to get out and about with your dog, this is the program for you!

Or maybe you’re tired of getting that look… the one that says, “I’m bored, boss!”?

We get it: life gets busy and it can be tough to come up with new and fun games to play or activities to try. That’s why we created Paw Posse. It’s time you and your dog got to have more fun — together!

Paw Posse members enjoy it ALL:
ALL the benefits of Outing Club: twice-weekly group activities as on the above list, active online community, plus tips and surprises AND an extraordinary range of VIP-only upgrades, discounts and access:


  • Upgrade to Daycamp Plus, no extra charge
  • Upgrade to Lodging Plus, no extra charge
  • Complimentary Nail Clip while lodging
  • Priority access to sold-out lodging periods
  • 25% discount on Enrichment Camp
  • 25% discount on Woof Weekends
  • 4 lodging upgrade passes to give to friends
  • 1 complimentary pet valet service per quarter (we’ll pick up and return your dog to/from your home)


  • 25% discount on Dog Lodge and Train
  • 5% discount on any retail purchases
  • Complimentary access to your choice of any 4 group classes per year
  • Exclusive access hours to our campus trails
  • Priority notification of upcoming classes and events
  • Members-only online meeting space
  • Members-only Sunday events
  • Members-only Tuesday curated activities
  • Members-only extended drop-off and pick-up times
  • Access to our Enrichment Park (coming in 2022!)

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