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Winter Fun


When considering Winter enrichment exercises for your dog, there is one that combines maximum fun for your dog with minimal effort from you – Snouting.

Your dog?s sense of smell? is 40 times greater than your own. This amazing fact is what will make Snouting your dog?s favorite activity.

Snouting, simply explained, is your dog pushing their nose through a copious amount of soft material to locate treats or toys buried beneath. This activity can be conducted indoors or outside, depending on the material used.

Here?s how to set-up your Snouting Pit.

    • Choose a container that can hold at least a 50 gallon bag of fluffy material.
      Possible containers:

        • Kiddie pool
        • Large appliance box
        • Large plastic tote
      • Raised garden bed frame
    • Possible filling materials:
        • Wood shavings
        • Fluffy snow (no container needed!)
        • Shreds of fabric
        • Dry leaves
      • Empty water bottles.
    • Fill the container ? full with the filling material.
    • Build anticipation by having your dog Sit-Stay and watch you hide the rewards.
    • Bury 2-3 reward items in the filling material. The rewards can be anything your dog loves so long as it is dry and solid.? Moist treats, wet balls or crumbly biscuits are not the best choices.
    • Release your dog and watch them Snout around the pit in search of the rewards.
  • This is Snouting!



Hidden Mural Toy Raffle

Each month two entries will be chosen at random to win an enrichment dog toy that is found hidden in our storefront mural.

The toy hidden in the mural will change each month.

We will post a notice on our College for Pets Facebook Page as well as in the monthly Pee-Mail as to what toy item to look for during that month.

Only entries sent from our Facebook Page via a Facebook Message (not a post on the page or in comments) will be entered into the raffle. In your message, describe where in the mural you think the toy is hidden.

At the end of the month, we will announce the winners on our Facebook Page. The toy must be picked up within 30 days at our 594 Tenney Mtn Hwy, Plymouth NH location.

January?s Hidden Toy is the Kong Wobbler!? Color and size may vary from the photo.

Good Luck!




Enrichment Presentation and Workshop

Saturday February 16th 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

White Mountain College for Pets, 594 Tenney Mtn Hwy, Plymouth NH.

Join us in February for a presentation on why enrichment is so important for a dog?s mental health, followed by a construction session where you will build two enrichment toys to take home!

We provide the tools and materials. Stay for pizza afterward from 5:00-5:30!

Spaces are very limited, reserve your spot before 1/25/19 and and save $25 off the $250 cost.


Dogs are welcome IF they are able to remain in a down-stay for the duration of the workshop.

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